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Kenosha lies on the southwestern banks of Lake Michigan, 35 miles south of Wisconsin’s largest city, Milwaukee, and 50 miles north of Chicago. It is the fourth-largest city in the state of Wisconsin, with a population of close to 100,000, and the fourth-largest city on Lake Michigan’s western shoreline. Its waterfront location appealed to early residents like the Paleo Indians, the Potawatomi people, and the Ojibwa Indians, who fished for pike in the lake. The Ojibwa called their land Masu-kinoja, which described the way the fish would arrive at the same time to spawn.

Early archaeological sites have been discovered in the Kenosha vicinity; the discoverer of two sites believes they antedate the Clovis culture, making them contemporaneous with the ice age. Paleo Indians settled in the area at least 13,500 years ago.

Kenosha’s first European settlers arrived from New York in the early 1830s and built homes, churches, a post office, and the city’s first school. They called their town Pike Creek, after the fish that swam in the lake. The town was renamed Southport in 1837, to reflect its new status as a Great Lakes shipping port. A neighborhood in the city’s southeast still carries this historic name. In 1850, the residents settled on Kenosha, an Anglicized version of the ancient Ojibwa name.

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Kenosha background checks and people search

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Local People Search Providers in Kenosha

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Clear Choice Usa-South East Wi
Private investigator
(262) 652-6428
KM Investigations and Security, LLC
Private investigator
(262) 237-8501
Reyes World Security and Investigation
Security service
(262) 902-8773
Open 24 hours

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