WhatsApp Won’t Limit Functionality – If you Don’t Accept Privacy Features


WhatsApp has recently announced an extremely new privacy policy, in which they specified that the users who wont accept the brand-new policy of Whatsapp by May 15 will need to face restricted functionality in their account.

Now Whatsapp will be straight related to Facebook, as it belongs of brand-new functions. Whatsapp will keep reminding its users to update their accounts, however the decision would be with the users, it absolutely depends upon them that how they want to utilize their accounts.

But, recently, WhatsApp when again made a big modification on May 7 and announced that the accounts would not get deleted, and they will not restrict the performance of WhatsApp if the user will not accept the upgrade on May 15th.

What occurs on the efficient date?

As we said above that before the effective date, after talking to the personal privacy specializeds on May 7 Whatsapp announced that, if the user wont accept the new personal privacy policy then their account will not get deleted.

As there will be no limited functionality for the users who do not want to upgrade their accounts.

What occurs after the efficient date?

To do so, initially, you have to download a report of your account and export your whole chat history on Android or iPhone.

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But WhatsApp, has no specific strategy for this new alert, as they pronounced that the last decision is with the users. It totally relies on the users whether they desire to upgrade it or not.

Furthermore, the new update will boost and promote direct interaction in between services and users, but with this new update, the users have the choice that whether they wish to share their numbers with company companies, or they want to block them..

Nevertheless, after the release of the brand-new personal privacy policy, Whatsapp keeps in mind that there are many users who have actually already accepted the brand-new performance, whichs why they will keep informing the users concerning this brand-new update.

There are many users who dont wish to accept this desire however upgrade to use any of the functions that are associated to this new upgrade. Well then do not stress, as WhatsApp has likewise arranged some ways for those users who dont want to accept this brand-new update, but wish to utilize the brand-new features.

All this can be easily performed by the users, in case if the user requires any assistance then they can directly contact WhatsApp regarding this problem.

The company asserted that there will be no partial effect for the new condition, as the users who dont wish to accept the brand-new personal privacy policy will no longer have to face minimal functionality in their access to messages, talks, calls, and notifications.