Russian Hacker Jailed for Running a Darkweb Market Place that Sells Stolen Credit card Details

Apart from all this, the US Department of Justice likewise claimed that Firsov has actually been running this illegal working website since October 2013. After examining the report pronounced that nearly 3 thousand active shops with around an overall of 17 million of turnover.

According to the report, Firsov has actually been running a Dark web market, that supplies all sort of services to various cybercriminals. And not only that even the court affirmed that Firsov has actually been selling all the individual data regarding the credit cards, contact number, and social security numbers.

The Russian resident Kirill Victorovich Firsov has actually been sentenced to jail by the Southern District Court of California, and Firsov has been sentenced to 2.5 years in jail.

Hacker Jailed for Running a Darkweb Market Place

Firsov was charged for “Unauthorized Solicitation of Access Devices,” on January 21, 2021, and its a charge for which any crook can get an optimal punishment of 10 years in prison or a substantial fine of $250,000.

Additionally, the law enforcement has actually found some taken accounts that were on sale, the accounts consist of different names, addresses, phone number, and Social Security numbers..

To understand all the crucial details of Firsov, the FBI bought some accounts from the site. And on March 4, 2020, the FBI has acquired 1100 gamer accounts, after that on March 5, 2020, the FBI got the personal information of over 3,600 United States citizens.

After purchasing different accounts, the FBI familiarized that there are many victims that belong from the US and Europe. The monitoring US District Judge Cynthia Bashant kept in mind that Firsov has previously spent 15 months in the United States prison system, while the serious COVID-19 pandemic mopped the entire world..

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Not just this but the United States department of justice likewise declared that the site that was being operated by Firsov was named “Deer [] io, and hosted more than 24,000 online shops on a basis of subscription, which has a different course in its life time..

On March 7 in New York Firsov got detained, and after that, he continues to be held in custody by the security authorities. Here, the United States department mentioned that all the information that has actually been collected by Kirill Viktorovich Firsov is used for all criminal purposes.

The platform hosted approximately 3,000 active shops with sales surpassing $17 million..

Not just this however the United States department of justice likewise declared that the website that was being run by Firsov was called “Deer [