REvil Ransomware Gang Suddenly Disappear – Dark Web Sites Are Down

According to several web reports, all those websites that are connected with REvil Ransomware Gang are no longer available, and all type of communications have actually been discontinued..

However, all the sites that were related to the REvil ransomware group have actually presently vanished from the Internet..

If REvil has actually been completely interrupted, itll mark the end of a group which has been responsible for >> 360 attacks on the US public and private sectors this year alone.— Brett Callow (@BrettCallow) July 13, 2021.

REvil is among the well-known Ransomware Gangs from Russia which is popular for its earlier and recent ransomware attacks. Apart from this, the REvil ransomware gang mainly targets political figures and huge tech business.

This attack is among the huge attacks of REvil, and after executing the attack, this ransomware gang has actually charged $70 million for a thorough decryptor for all victims that got impacted by this attack but right after the demand the group decreased the required cost to $50 million.

REvil Ransomware Gang Suddenly Disappear.

REvil ransomware gangs Tor Network Infrastructure on Darkweb.
They run 1 leakage blog website and 22 information hosting websites on the DarkWeb.— DarkTracer: DarkWeb Criminal Intelligence (@darktracer_int) July 3, 2021.

It might occurred, due to the fact that at first, the United States has actually made a strong settlement to assault the servers of this group.
It may occurred due to the conversation in between Vladimir Putin and Biden, and as a result, Russia has taken couple of actions to follow the United States needs. All this has been done to stop mutual relations from starting to go through due to repeated attacks.
It might also be possible that the REvil group itself has eliminated all of its sites. However, their attacks have actually obtained nearly 42%, and its becoming quite risky for them to carry out more attacks, thats why doing this will help them a lot, and later the opponents might appear again under a brand-new name and with brand-new victims.

Recently, REvil ransomware group has encrypted almost 60 managed company (MSPs) and more than 1,500 individual businesses simply by making use of a zero-day vulnerability in the Kaseya VSA remote management software application.

Apart from websites, the media that has actually been used by the group to interact had also stopped. Even all the dark sites that are associated with the REvil ransomware group are now inaccessible.

Termination possibilities.

According to the law enforcement team, security professionals have actually raised couple of termination possibilities, and here we have actually mentioned them listed below:-.

However, REvil ransomware group remained in the spotlight as last month, the group has attacked JBS, the worlds biggest provider of beef and poultry, in addition to the second-largest manufacturer of pork.

The analysts are still trying their best to discover the possible factors and the loopholes for such a situation. Even they have actually also claimed that there are numerous possibilities and they are making every effort to understand all of them as quickly as possible.