One of Largest IT Staffing Agencies in U.S. Reports Data Breach

A ransomware attack has exposed the commercial and personal worker information of Artech Information Systems, among the largest IT staffing firms in the nation.

The data breach happened Jan. 5– 8 after a bad actor accessed to company servers through a staff member user account. Organization authorities stated Social Security numbers, medical information, health insurance coverage details, charge card payment info, passport numbers and more may havebeen exposed in the breach.Artech Information Systems has 10,500 staff members and professionals and products staffing to more than 80 Fortune 500 consumers as well as federal government agencies.

The REvil ransomware gang has actually presumably claimed duty for the cyberattack. The gang has actually requested for a concealed ransom quantity or it will use the information discovered on the serves to 3rd parties.After Artech Information Systems officialsfound the attack, they mentioned they changed system qualifications and enhancing security processes.

The business has actually sent out a notice letter to those impacted by the details breach.