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Lawton OK

The county seat of Comanche County, Lawton was founded after President McKinley’s efforts to settle in lands formerly reserved for native tribes led to the federal partitioning of two million acres. The town is named for Major General Henry Lawton, the leader of the U.S. Army division that ran Apache rebel Geronimo to ground.

The city’s proximity to Fort Sill Military Reservation gave Lawton economic and population stability throughout the 20th century.  Although Lawton’s economy is still largely dependent on Fort Sill, it has also grown to encompass manufacturing, higher education, health care, and retail.  The city’s government is run by a council-manager government consisting of a city manager and a city council headed by a mayor. Interstate 44 and three major United States highways serve the city, while Lawton-Fort Sill Regional Airport connects Lawton by air. Recreation can be found at the city’s many parks, lakes, museums, and festivals. Notable residents of the city include many musical and literary artists, as well as several professional athletes.

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Located in southwestern Oklahoma, about 87 mi southwest of Oklahoma City, it is the principal city of the Lawton, Oklahoma Metropolitan Statistical Area

Today, Lawton still plays host to Fort Sill, the last remaining active military post of the series of installations built during the so-called Indian Wars.

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Valour Investigations and Protection LLC – Lawton City – Civilian & Criminal Private Detective
Private investigator
BP Ford Investigations
Private investigator
607 SW C Ave Suite 2 · (580) 699-2292
Open 24 hours
Bonafide Security & Invstgtn
Private investigator
1509 NW Bell Ave · (580) 351-1944

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