Microsoft October 2020 Patch Tuesday Fixes 87 Security Bugs Including 21 RCE

The updates covered 87 vulnerabilities that consist of 12 are categorized as Critical, and 74 are classified as Important, and one as moderate.

Microsoft has actually launched an emergency situation security updates for crucial vulnerabilities that enable attackers to perform approximate code on the susceptible device.

The October security release includes security updates for the following software:

The upgrade also fixes the RCE defects with a number of Microsoft products including Excel, Outlook, the Windows Graphics element, and the Windows TCP/IP stack.

Another essential flaw tracked as CVE-2020-16947, lives in the MS Outlook that can be made use of by opponents by making victims opening a specifically crafted file.

Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office Services and Web Apps
Microsoft JET Database Engine
Azure Functions
Open Source Software
Microsoft Exchange Server
Visual Studio
Microsoft.NET Framework
Microsoft Dynamics
Adobe Flash Player
Microsoft Windows Codecs Library

Out of the ones patches, the severe one is an RCE problem tracked as CVE-2020-16898, it lives in Windows TCP/IP stack, the vulnerability can be made use of by an attacker to take over the Windows systems by sending harmful packets.

Following are some noteworthy vulnerabilities

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Microsoft highly advised installing these security updates for all the windows users to prevent the security threat and safeguard your Windows.

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