Key Recommendation to Avoid Pitfalls in Cybersecurity Wargaming Design

Cyber wargaming style when done right and cyber wargaming when used appropriately, are powerful tools to assess the strength of the organizations cybersecurity strategies and fortify the security posture thereon.

In this short article, we dive much deeper into cyber wargaming design and the risks to avoid.

Wargaming has actually long been used by the military for research study and training functions. Offered the growing intricacy, elegance, intensity, and frequency of cyberattacks internationally, wargaming is being used to cybersecurity today throughout the personal and public sectors.

What is Cyber Wargaming?

The findings and insights from cyber wargames are leveraged to enhance and strengthen incidence platform, app and response advancement, selection and combination of security defense technology and tools, compliance. and risk management.

Cyber wargaming is an interactive method used to immerse individuals in simulated cyberattack scenarios such as website defacements, malware attacks, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, and data breaches, to name a few.

Why is Cybersecurity Wargaming Necessary?

Test Organizational Readiness

Well-designed cybersecurity wargaming workouts allow companies to evaluate the organizations preparedness to avert attacks and keep their IT infrastructure and mission-critical properties safeguarded.

Great cyber wargaming creates empower companies to evaluate their strengths, capabilities, and weaknesses. Further, they allow companies to make forecasts and enhance the defense and offense methods against cyberattacks.

Instill Agility, Flexibility, and Adaptability into Cyber Strategies

With cyber wargaming, companies can construct a robust cybersecurity technique that is agile, flexible, and quickly adaptable. Being equipped to face these unpredictabilities provides companies an edge.

With a fast-evolving company environment, hazard landscape, and tech facilities, there is a sea of uncertainties. Standard security and threat management methods are discovered desiring.

Reliable Training Tool

People are the weakest link in cybersecurity. Cyber wargames are effective tools to provide hands-off, experiential training to various sort of users.

This is particularly useful for the training of magnate and other decision-makers who do not have a tech background. This enables buy-ins and collective work towards much better security.

How to Avoid the Pitfalls in Cyber Wargaming Design?

Ill-equipped video game designers may reskin existing cyber exercises or develop generic styles neglecting organizational context and player personality. Poorly developed cyber wargames are highly inefficient and lead only to a waste of precious resources.

Here are the crucial recommendations to prevent mistakes in cyber wargaming design.

Develop Clear Goals

For cyber wargaming style to be efficient, you need to consist of the best subject matter specialists while doing so. You will require specialists in cybersecurity, IT, video game design, UX/ UI, and business procedures, among others. This will assist make the wargames holistic, appealing, and effective, hence enhancing the outcomes and ROI.

Leverage De-briefing.

The effectiveness of cyber wargaming design affects the results of cybersecurity wargames. Properly designed exercises assist illuminate the online world, recognize spaces and thereon enhance cybersecurity with Industry leaders like Indusface.

Even more, if you are designing for training purposes, you must develop learning and ludic objectives that match each other. Ludic objectives are the goals within the game such as safeguarding assets, de-escalating cyber incidents, identifying phishing, etc. For cyber wargaming style to be effective, you should consist of the ideal subject matter specialists in the process. You will need experts in cybersecurity, IT, game design, UX/ UI, and organization processes, among others. Cyber wargames that are complex to utilize, sap energies to other directions.

Cyber wargames that are complicated to use, sap energies to other directions. The UI of the video game should be clean, and the moves need to be basic to make. This ensures much better results.

Set The Level of Realism.

Even more, if you are designing for training purposes, you should establish knowing and ludic goals that complement each other. Ludic goals are the goals within the video game such as protecting possessions, de-escalating cyber incidents, determining phishing, etc. These objectives must balance each other, and the video game must similarly engage both goals..

Setting objectives based on the requirements and context of the organization is important for cyber wargaming success. If cyber wargaming is for the training of workers, then player personas, scenarios, and so on need to show that.

If wargames require to show you the effectiveness of your occurrence action strategies and technical implications of downtimes caused, then the design should be various. In this situation, you would need experienced and educated gamers to efficiently identify security spaces.

If it is too genuine and the wargame consists of too numerous unpredictabilities, it may raise the intricacy of the video game and make it inaccessible to users. If the level of realism is too low, then you might not get adequate significant insights from the video games.

The best level of realism in cyber wargaming design is very important to the success of wargames. Only such games ensure that the players are engaged efficiently in significant occasions with enduring and crucial takeaways.

Include the Right Subject Matter Experts in Designing.


Every cyber wargaming workout need to end with de-briefing where the outcomes are discussed, and ideas solicited. It allows video game designers to enhance the design and participants to recognize skills to enhance, to name a few.

Keep The UI Clean and Simple.