JBS USA Paid $11 Million to Hackers for The REvil Ransomware Attack


JBS is one of the worlds biggest food companies that operate in the USA, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and so on. It servers customers from 190 nations all over the world.

This news was verified by the spokesperson of the JBS itself, who also pronounced that JBS has actually paid a quantity of $11 million to the risk stars, those who have burglarized its computer system and internal network last month.

Due to the attack at several websites, the company was briefly required to suspend all its production.

Andre Nogueira, the CEO of JBS USA stated that the settlement with the hackers was among the challenging choices, however the primary intention of the negotiation is to prevent any more possible threat to the clients of JBS.

Recently, in May, the worlds largest meat processor food company JBS Foods being assaulted by hackers with REvil Ransomware that leads to paying $11 million to hackers for recuperates the contaminated files.

JBS USA Paid $11 Million to Hackers

Nevertheless, $22.5 Million is a big total up to pay, thats why the Andre Nogueira of JBS tried to negotiate with the hackers to decrease the amount but it did not work..

In an investigation, it likewise came out that the risk stars of REvil hacking group have actually demanded ransomware of $22.5 Million, and the hackers also specified that if the required cash is not paid to them then they will leak the stolen information all over the internet..

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The Andre Nogueira, the CEO of JBS USA informed the hackers to leak the data that they have actually stolen. However, later on the danger star recognized that this ransomware attack has mesmerized around the world attention, thats why the hackers declined to leak any additional stolen info prior to the payment was made.

Moreover, the FBI likewise pronounced that any additional company that has actually been the victim of such a cyber attack should contact the agency without wasting any further time.

The spokesman of the White House National Security Council, in a report, specified that the personal company should not choose paying ransomware, without discussing the name of JBS.

Offering ransomware to the threat actors is bad as it enhances their hopes and motivates such attacks in the future. If the private companies are paying the demanded ransomware then the cycle of these harmful attacks will continue to attack the business.

After having a long conversation of various counteroffers, both JBS and REvil agreed on a ransom of $11 million, and later June 1, 2021, the cash was being moved by the JBS to the hazard star in bitcoins.

However, they have likewise reported that there are several business that have actually been the victims of such massive cyber attacks. In this ransomware attack of REvil the FBI claimed that they are attempting their best to bring justice to the company.

The extortion amount of $11 million that was paid by the JBS USA to the risk stars was waged in bitcoins. However, this attack has been submitted to FBI, and after examination, in addition to American authorities, the FBI asserted that the Russian-speaking hackers group, REvil lags this ransomware attack.

JBS has currently brought back the data from their backups and asked the risk stars for the decryptor as they need to decrypt two particular databases from the taken information.