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Located on the southernmost bend of the St Joseph River, from where it derives its name, South Bend, Indiana is home to roughly 102,000 residents. As the fourth-largest city in Indiana, South Bend serves as a major economical, commercial, and cultural hub of Northern Indiana. In addition, The University of Notre Dame is situated just north of South Bend in the unincorporated city of Notre Dame, Indiana. In fact, The University of Notre Dame is the largest employer of South Bend residents.

As of the 2010 census, the city had a total of 101,168 residents; its Metropolitan Statistical Area had a population of 318,586 and Combined Statistical Area of 721,296. It is the fourth-largest city in Indiana, serving as the economic and cultural hub of Northern Indiana. The highly ranked University of Notre Dame is located just to the north in unincorporated Notre Dame, Indiana and is an integral contributor to the region’s economy.

The area was originally settled in the early 19th century by fur traders and was established as a city in 1865. The St. Joseph River shaped South Bend’s economy through the mid-20th century. River access assisted heavy industrial development such as that of the Studebaker Corporation, the Oliver Chilled Plow Company, and other large corporations.

The population of South Bend declined after 1960, when it had a peak population of 132,445. This was chiefly due to migration to suburban areas as well as the demise of Studebaker and other heavy industry. Today, the largest industries in South Bend are health care, education, small business, and tourism. Remaining large corporations include Crowe Horwath, Honeywell, and AM General.

background checks in South Bend, IN

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Integrity Investigations Inc.
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Coppins Investigative & Security Group, Inc.
South Bend, IN, United States
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Beacon Investigative Solutions
South Bend, IN, United States
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