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After thousands of soldiers marched through what is now Elgin, news of the area’s rich, fertile soil and flowing rivers soon made its way back to the East Coast. Two brothers, James and Hezekiah Gifford, heard the rumblings and recognized the opportunity to establish a new settlement. When they made their journey west, they eventually settled in a spot along the stagecoach route between Chicago and Galena and bridged the Fox River, dubbing the new town “Elgin” after a beloved Scottish tune.

The city of Elgin offers everything one could ask for. Our roots as a bustling city began with Elgin’s founding in April 1836 and have continued to thread into the lives of today’s residents, businesses and visitors.

Located 35 miles northwest of Chicago and home to over 108,000 people, we are proud of our diversity and culture. You will find exactly what you need to build a fulfilling and balanced life for yourself, your family or your business. With our close proximity to Chicago and our own amenities, Elgin provides a unique choice for residents interested in city or suburban living.

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All County Investigations and Process Serving, Inc.
Elgin, IL, United States
+1 847-429-1790
Paladin Jordan Detective Agency (PJDA)