How to Drive Maximum Value from Automation Testing?

Test automation by Oxagile is intended at providing services in this category. Automation testing if done properly can considerably minimize costs and obtain optimal value from such practices.

The outcomes of a survey released in Forbes specified that 56% of CEOs have actually seen that digital advancements in their company have added to an increase in profits. Error-free and effective digital services have actually made this possible. At the client front, the GUI provided by web or standalone applications looks smooth just due to the fact that of a series of testing and changes that have resulted in the release of the final item.

Checking is a vital part of any software applications life cycle. It is complicated and involves a great deal of effort. Fortunately, in the last few years, the screening process has seen faster turn-around times due to evaluate automation practices. Automation testing has assisted companies improve their releases and likewise reduced expenses.

1) Plan before Executing

Businesses need to establish a clear set of plans and objectives to continue with automation screening. Companies can then smoothly run different stages of testing like unit tests, API tests, and GUI tests.

2) Hire an Automation Engineer

If your organisation already has one then its great but if you do not, then you must hire one. Many business are of the view that simply moving their manual system to an automatic architecture will supply the essential outcomes. This is not true. A devoted manager is required for automation testing. Automation screening needs and is a continuous procedure separated resources to assist in the operations. In the lack of a devoted expert who is accustomed to the newest test automation practices, the procedure might not yield the anticipated outcomes.

3) Select the right tools

Business should thoroughly assess the features of tools like testing techniques offered, flexibility in upgrading test cases, and manageability while making a decision. Selecting the best tool which is consistent with the testing requirements will enable companies to obtain maximum benefits from the test automation process.

With a number of automation tools available in the market it becomes challenging for businesses to determine the right tool for their screening needs. Not all the automation tools will satisfy the requirements of a specific company. This is why it crucial to choose an automation tool that matches the screening needs of business.

4) Efficient GUI automation practices

GUI screening is the last and most essential stage of screening. A combination of automation screening and manual screening is recommended at the GUI level.

In this situation, manual testing can help to make the overall screening process smooth and expeditious. This is likewise highlighted in a survey that reported just 5% of participants carrying out 100% automation testing while 66% performed a ratio of 75:25 handbook: automation screening.

5) Periodic Evaluation

Teams should be advised to design and evaluate the tests at different stages. This will ensure a more holistic technique is followed to evaluate automation and the businesss resources are put to effective usage.

A suitable plan must be laid out to carry out a periodic appraisal of the ongoing test automation practices. This ends up being all the more vital if a business has actually just recently switched to automation.


GUI testing is the last and most essential phase of screening. A mix of automation screening and manual testing is suggested at the GUI level. In this circumstance, manual screening can assist to make the total testing process smooth and expeditious. It is essential to note that test automation is not a replacement for manual testing rather it assists to speed up the entire procedure of testing. According to Software Testing News, 94% of respondents specified that test automation is a method to support the testing efforts.

It is very important to keep in mind that test automation is not a replacement for manual screening rather it helps to speed up the entire process of testing. According to Software Testing News, 94% of respondents specified that test automation is a technique to support the screening efforts. To make the testing procedure value-driven and effective, a well-executed plan and the services of a knowledgeable agency or supervisor is needed.