Firefox 83.0 Released – Improved Page Load Performance, HTTPS-Only Mode & 0-Day Fix – Update Now!!

HTTPS-only Mode allows to customize the URL immediately to continue with HTTPS version, for example, If users will type http:// URLs, it will instantly change into secure https:// URLs. You can allow it in Firefox Preferences.

Mozilla likewise fixed 21 vulnerabilities that including 5 high severity vulnerabilities, 11 moderate vulnerabilities, and 5 low severity vulnerabilities that impacted the previous version of Firefox.

Firefox 80.3 will let you experience the page filling efficiency by as much as 15%, page responsiveness by up to 12%, and decreased memory usage by approximately 8%.

Mozilla launched Firefox 83.0 with brand-new impartments on page load performance, fixed the Zero-day bug, presents HTTPS-Only Mode., and different other functions.

Firefox 83.0 now support the AcroForm PDF forms technology that permit users to fill out, print, and conserve supported PDF types and the PDF viewer.

Firefox Search Features Improvements

Mozilla has actually fixed the “CVE-2020-15999″ and the vulnerability was being exploited in wide against both Firefox and Chrome and is just affected the Linux and Android running systems.

” In Freetype, if PNG images were embedded into typefaces, the Load_SBit_Png function consisted of an integer overflow that resulted in a stack buffer overflow, memory corruption, and an exploitable crash.”.

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Choosing a search engine at the bottom of the search panel now goes into search mode for that engine, enabling you to see recommendations (if available) for your search terms. The old habits (instantly carrying out a search) is offered with a shift-click.
When Firefox autocompletes the URL of one of your online search engine, you can now browse with that engine straight in the address bar by choosing the faster way in the address bar outcomes.
Weve added buttons at the bottom of the search panel to enable you to browse your bookmarks, open tabs, and history.

You can dowload the most recent variation of Firefox 83.0 here:;.

You can update to Firefox 83 by going to Options ->> Help ->> About Firefox..

Firefox 83.0 released with the repairs of Heap buffer overflow in “FreeType” zero-day vulnerability that active attacks against Google Chrome and Firefox.

According to Mozilla release notes, following improvement has been used in this Firefox 83.0:-.

Zero-day Bug Fixes.