Emotet Malware Uninstalls Itself From All The Infected Computers World Wide


In January, the FBI, together with other police all over the world has recalled that the Emotet malware was instantly has been removed from all the contaminated computers.

The police that are associated with this operation were from the Netherlands, Germany, the United States, Great Britain, France, Lithuania, Canada, and Ukraine.

The police officers have actually utilized all their access to the Emotet control servers; based on the report, this malware has actually come under the control of the German Federal Criminal Police Office.

According to the report, the firms have handled to seized control over numerous hundred botnet servers; not only this, but the firms have also turned off their whole infrastructure and have actually stopped all its malicious activities.

How the Uninstaller of Emotet Malware Works?

Once the security analysts altered the system clock on a test maker, they identified that the uninstaller just erases the associated Windows services.

After implementing the module to all contaminated systems, the specialists affirmed that it would ultimately uninstall the malware on April 25th, 2021.

After attempting so hard, the law enforcement agencies managed to stop the malware. Now the question arises that how the Emotet uninstaller works?

However, the Emotet uninstaller autoruns the Registry keys and then exits the process, and they left all other things on the contaminated or jeopardized devices.

As soon as the police has identified the malware, the German federal authorities companies executed a brand-new Emotet module in the form of a 32-bit EmotetLoader.dll.

Federal Police (Germany) is Behind the Emotet Uninstaller Module

While Europol claimed that the German Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) federal police agency was responsible for producing and pushing the uninstall module and producing such a situation.

The federal authorities firm of Germany had actually created a scenario that will make the malware Emotet to be quarantined in the computer system systems that the Emotet malware has actually jeopardized.

Not just this but the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has actually also agreed and asserted that the Bundeskriminalamt pushed the uninstaller module on the systems that were compromised by Emotet malware.

Purpose and Recommendation

All the victims of Emotet malware have been suggested to update their system, as it changes the former one. Once the victims are made with the update process, their system will ultimately get mindful of its installation paths and have the ability to clean up the maker.

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The infrastructure that existed behind the Emotet is already being managed by police, so the bots are not able to implement any other malicious operation.

Foreign law enforcement has actually been working along with the FBI and has changed the Emotet malware on servers that have actually been located in their jurisdiction with a file that was at first created by the law enforcement.