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Westminster is a friendly suburb in northwest Denver, Colorado. It has a strong community feel and growing economy thanks to key local businesses including Avaya, St. Anthony North Hospital, and Western Fuels Association.

Westminster is a growing suburban community that offers a wide choice of housing, excellent schools and public facilities. View the city profile including data on the city’s population and median age.

The best features in Westminster include the hundreds of recreational activities.

If history is your interest, take a step back in time and visit Westminster as it was 100 years ago by visiting the Bowles House Museum. Or, drive by the Pillar of Fire building – a majestic neo-Romanesque-style building built in 1892. Both buildings, along with others in the area, are listed on the National Register of Historical Places.

For a more modern view of Westminster, visit City Hall, where you can climb the 181 stairs to the top of the bell tower for a fabulous view of the entire metro area and the Rocky Mountains (please see the General Services front desk at City Hall for more information on climbing the bell tower. An adult must be present.). You can also tour the sculpture garden and other gardens located around the building.

With direct access to major highways, Westminster’s central location between Denver and Boulder puts it within easy reach of major business centers, retail centers and a variety of entertainment and recreational facilities. Activities in Denver or Boulder are a 20-minute drive in either direction, and the drive from Westminster to Denver International Airport takes approximately 30 minutes.

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Westminster has had a long association with gold. The township first gained national prominence when gold was discovered in the nearby South Platte River Valley in 1858. This discovery encouraged many settlers from the east to head to Westminster to seek their fortunes.

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