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The citizens of Arvada, CO have a great deal of pride in their city. Located just northwest of Denver, our state’s capitol, Arvada is a community unlike many others. Arvada consistently competes with the larger metropolitan areas in the areas of business and commerce but retains a small-town charm that other suburbs can’t replicate. With such great assets as the Arvada Center, the Apex Center and a historic shopping district, Olde Town, Arvada is thriving. A highly educated workforce, low crime rate and excellent quality of life (where outdoor adventures abound!) have all contributed to the popularity of Colorado’s 8th largest city.

The early beginnings of Arvada can be summed up in one word: GOLD! The first documented discovery of gold in the Rocky Mountain region occurred on June 22, 1850, when Lewis Ralston, a Georgia prospector headed for the California gold fields, dipped his sluice pan into a small stream near its mouth at Clear Creek. Ralston found about ¼ ounce worth about five dollars. Ralston’s companions named the stream “Ralston’s Creek” in his honor. Ralston continued on to California but returned to “Ralston’s Creek” with the Green Russell party eight years later. Members of this party founded Auraria (later Denver City) in 1858 and touched off the gold rush to the Rockies.

Arvada first came into prominence in the 1850s as Ralston’s Creek, the site of the first gold strike in Colorado by Lewis Ralston. Renamed at the founding of the town proper to Arvada (after a prominent citizen), the town was gradually absorbed into the orbit of the greater Denver metropolitan area.

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people search directory Arvada CO

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people search directory Arvada, CO

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