Amazon Prime Day shoppers Beware!- Attackers Creating Fraudulent Sites Using the Amazon Brand

In current days registration of deceitful websites using the Amazon brand and logo spiked, according to researchers in the last 30 days, there was a 21% increase in domains signed up to include the word “Amazon”, compared to the previous month.

Amazon Prime day deals to start tomorrow, on the other hand, attackers increased phishing and fraud campaigns using the Amazon brand and logos.

Amazon Prime Day Attacks

In this digital world, Checking site safety is the most essential issue given that there are countless harmful websites offered everywhere online, it is extremely hard to discover a trustworthy site. We require to search clever and need to make sure the site is not hazardous by utilizing Multiple methods.

Security researchers from Bolster records there is a sharp boost in new Amazon phishing and fraud websites in August with another 2.5 X increase in September.

” The apparent spike is a strong indication that cybercriminals are preparing for a successful Prime Day to benefit from the unwary.”

Hackers try to tempt victims and they steal most sensitive information, such as their charge card information, names, birthday, e-mail and physical addresses, and other information, into the hackers harmful website.

Attackers attempting to copy header and footer designs, fonts, and measurements of the Amazon site to deceive the consumers.

A few of the Fraudulent Site

Inspect for misspellings.
Start with
Check out the padlock.
Have a strong password.

Cybercriminals are using various sophisticated methods to entice online users to drop malware and other cyber dangers to cause intolerable damages. so beware of the malicious website, dont blindly open the site and inspect the website safety before opening it.

How to Stay Safe.

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